Benefits of Staging

WOW Factor Home Staging, LLC in St Louis Services

Consultations begin with a telephone call or email from a real estate agent or seller.

There are different levels of staging.

Interior Redesign

This consists of consulting with sellers to use their existing furniture and accessories. We work room by room and provide a "To Do List" of what to remove and rearrange. We can also provide a shopping list of items to spruce up the home to add the WOW Factor.

Vacant Home Staging

We carefully choose all the beautiful furniture, accessories, art work, florals, rugs, china, towels, etc. to decorate homes for sale. Typically, we stage the Living Room, Dining Room, Great Room/Family Room, Kitchen, Breakfast Room, Master Bedroom, and all bathrooms for a specific fee depending on list price of home and square footage. Our prices are very reasonable and they are usually less than one home price reduction.

New Construction, Builder's Display, and Rentals

We can beautifully stage specific rooms for Builders for a monthly rate.

Why Home Staging Works

Over 90% of people go online to find their next home. Homes should look clean and inviting to capture the interest of a potential buyer. Home Staging works because it allows buyers to see the highlights of the home without all the distraction of the homeowner's clutter. With the use of carefully chosen furniture and tasteful accessories, staging can make a home look its best, sell faster, and create additional wealth for the home sellers! We also have various styles of furniture including Traditional, Transitional, and Contemporary. At our consultation, we can discuss how our staging can best represent your home!

Take it from an industry professional like Barbara Corcoran, who before her Shark Tank ​fame conquered with New York City real estate market. The real estate mogul asserts, "Home staging is no longer optional in this real estate market, but a MUST. It's what will make the difference in whether your home sells or not." Staging a home can add 5 to 7 percent to the sales value of a home, Corcoran adds.  

Vacant, lonely homes can sit on the market for months-even years!

Better Marketing Materials

Now that your home is staged, your Realtor can take new pictures that make your home look sharp and presentable. Showcasing the home's best features and drawing attention away from any flaws that the home might have is a great advantage of staging. No home is perfect, but tasteful decorating can enhance the feel and add the WOW Factor to any home no matter what size or what age!

Proven Success

In today's market which is flooded with inventory, a home that is for sale must look its best to be competitive. Staging helps your home move faster, hence saving mortgage payments. Time really is of the essence for serious home sellers!